Camptown Promotional Postcard

One of my favorite freelance clients is a non-profit called Camptown. Camptown works with under-served youth and provides them with outdoor experiences and adventures that are as fun as they are character-building. They are a wonderful organization and I feel grateful I’ve had the opportunity to make marketing materials for them. This particular project was sent in the mail to a list of 40,000 supporters. The prompt was to create a vibrant, appealing call to action that included a contest to increase engagement. I was provided with some choice photographs from the program and some statistics and anecdotes to inform the copy.

The execution of this piece involved Photoshop for the photo editing, and Illustrator for the icon design and layout. Normally, I would use InDesign for print layout, but since this was such a small piece with only two art boards, I completed it in Illustrator. Above is a selection of the icons I provided the client. Not all of them made it into the final iteration.