Video Editing

Last year, I dabbled with posting time-lapse videos on YouTube of some of my drawings. I enjoy filming and editing but seldom have time for personal work. So these serve as an outlet where I can keep up to date with new features Adobe is adding to Premiere. I don’t have an adequate microphone at home, so I scored the audio using royalty-free tracks.

This video is meant to be relaxing while interesting. Audiences watch process videos like these to see how art is made, but you must walk the line between too fast and too slow. Too fast and the process is eliminated, too slow and viewers get bored and tune out. I chose a middle way where some footage is sped up and other moments are real time.

Pizza Mandala

Below are parts 1 and 2 for the same graphic. Part 1 is about the way I draw in black and white, using ink and pencil for shading. Part 2 details what happens once the image is scanned and colored. With editing style and music, I emphasized the difference between the soothing meditative quality of drawing with pencils, and the fast-paced digital coloring process.

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